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Group Email Digest for Buddyboss

  • Group members choose from a weekly or daily digest, or to receive group email notifications as posts are made.
  • Users can choose a different setting for each group, meaning they can get anything from one email a week with all group content, or they can receive multiple emails per week at the frequency they desire.
  • Users can conveniently browse all new group activity on their phones and then click right into to where they want to interact.
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Increase In Sales
(12 Months)
Customer Experience Design Example
Traffic Increase
(3 Years)
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5000% Increase in Keyword Traffic over 10 months
Keyword Traffic Increase
(10 Months)

CX Design | eCommerce Website Design & Development | Branding | SEO | Market Research | Website Marketing | Project Consultation

I’m a Customer Experience (CX) Designer with a Proven Process that Produces Results


Market research and competitive analysis are the foundation for successful SEO.


What good is SEO if you’re not converting? Branding plays an important role in optimization.


Also, called website design, this is THE critical piece that most businesses get wrong.


This is where most SEO “experts” are focused. It’s not the complete picture though.


Effective SEO and Sales Funnel design are the foundation for effective online marketing.

If your sales funnel are not optimized, then standard SEO for your website
is most likely a tremendous waste of time and money!

As an SEO consultant with over ten years experience in building and marketing websites, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you. The real secret to lasting, white hat SEO is optimizing sales funnels and not just your website. All of the components shown above are important parts of your sales funnels and your search engine optimization! I use critical point analysis to determine where the biggest gains can be produced with the least amount of effort.

What Clients Are Saying

John came through for web design when no one else could. He finished a large budget e commerce website for us that no one else seemed to be able to finish. He was there for me through the whole process and was always accessible to make changes and updates to the finished product. I am a fan of John’s expertise and commitment to bring the best service to his clients.
SEO consultant oneAja D., Global Peace Train
I’m happy to report that so far we’re on track to triple our average sales…all thanks to you. Thank you so very much. We’re actually going to start interviewing contractors to help ease the workload.
SEO Consultant TwoKester K.
Is your company name on our new website as designer? Make sure you put it somewhere so people know who did this for us. Thank you so much. I’m thrilled with the results.
SEO Consultant ThreeJulie M., Quail Creek Rentals
When you adjusted the account, we really noticed it! It was all I could do to keep up with processing invoices!
SEO Consultant FiveJanet A., The Crystal Cache
John Nicoll Customer Experience Designer Boulder Colorado

I’m Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

With Over a Decade of Experience, Powerful Intuition, Creativity, and Critical Point Analysis.

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