How to do Keyword Research

Keyword research is about knowing where to place your sales funnel(s). If you’re in charge of the business you work with, I recommend that you do keyword research yourself rather than contracting it out. It’s so crucial to have a firm handle on your sales funnels and, if your website is a profit engine, understanding your keyword traffic is like knowing where the gas pump is. The purpose of keyword research is to discover and identify keyword traffic that is relevant to your business and that can be directed into your sales funnel(s) and converted into sales for your business.

Two available tools for keyword research are:
The Google Keyword Tool (free)
SEM Rush (paid)

While doing keyword research, you want to get clear about:

• Who your existing and potential customers are
• What they’re looking for
• How they are looking for it (very important)

In the past decade of doing website development, design, and SEO, I’ve developed what, for me, is the fastest method of conducting effective keyword research. If you need help understanding how to do your own keyword research, or making sure that the people you hire are doing it correctly, you can save a lot of time and money by quickly learning that method; check out the “Market Research” module.