WordPress version: 4.9.4
WooCommerce: 3.3.1

Well, I just discovered an odd little bug that can cause “Local Pickup” not to show in the Woocommerce cart totals box. The fix is really simple:

Just make sure that “Local Pickup” is at the top of your shipping zones. In the example above, I had created the “USA” shipping zone first and then added a second zone for local pickup. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get local pickup to show in the cart totals box.

By simply moving the local pickup shipping zone to the top of the list, I was able to get it to appear in the cart totals box as you see below:

woocommerce cart totals local pickup and fedex

Getting Both Local Pickup & FedEx to Show In WooCommerce

After solving that problem there was still something wrong. I couldn’t get Local Pickup and Fedex Options to both show at the same time. If you’re having that problem, click here for that solution »