Gmail Dark Theme 2019

Update: Looking to get off of Gmail entirely? Here’s a full solution….

Looking for an attractive, dark Gmail theme? As a CX Designer, I’ve been staring at computer screens for a long time. Somewhere in the past few years, I started become really aware of how much I don’t want to be staring at a glaring computer screen – particularly in the evening. And I’ve been amazed at how long it’s taking the tech industry to get on board with minimizing eye strain.

Gmail Dark Theme Stars Background

Use this dark theme with one of Gmail’s default dark backgrounds

Or use with a colored background for more visual flavor

Gmail Dark Theme 2019 Flamingo Background

Also looks great with brightly colored theme backgrounds – Gmail reading pane layout shown here

There are various tools out there to help with reducing eye strain, but one thing I really wanted was a good “dark” version of gmail. I even found a dark mode template but I realized I still wanted some flavor to the interface along with the reduced eye strain. All black and grey was a little too blah for me. So I ended up creating a template using Gmail’s “Wood” theme which gives a dark look white retaining some visual flavor.

Install the Gmail Dark Theme 2019

To use this theme, you’ll need to install a browser extension that allows you to use it:

Stylus for Google Chrome

Stylus for Mozilla Firefox

After installing the extension, you can easily install the theme Gmail Dark Theme 2019

Warning: This style is hosted on the wesbite which is operated by the company that owns Stylish and is still the main source online for user styles. If you visit the link above without having first installed the Stylus browser extension, Stylish will encourage you to install Stylish. I recommend avoiding Stylish and using the browser extensions linked above instead. Stylish is known for spying on their users’ browser history and should be avoided.

Thanks to Denis Mignanelli whose work I started from in creating this template.