Dark Theme for WordPress Admin

The best, easiest way to set up a dark theme for WordPress admin is to install the Dark Reader add on for the Firefox Browser. The add on is also available for Chrome; however, if you’re interested in getting off of Google products, here’s a guide to the best Gmail alternative.

Back to Dark Reader though. I absolutely love this add on. Just take a look at what it does to the WordPress admin with the simple click of a button:

Dark Theme for WordPress Admin

Easy Switching

And because, you’ll want to easily be able to see what your site visitors are seeing, Dark Reader has an easy toggle between dark mode and normal viewing: Alt + SHIFT + A. This means you can easily jump back and forth while having a nice dark admin theme that reduces eye strain.

And I find that I’m using Dark Reader across the board. I just leave it on all the time to reduce eye strain when using the web.

Want to go completely dark and save your eyes? I recommend it.

Great for Writers

Where this is really useful is for writing. If you write a lot of articles in WordPress, you know about the eye strain involved from the bleach-white screen. It gets painful over time.

With an admin dark theme, you can really lower the stress caused by staring at the screen. When using a dark theme, there’s a lot less energy/light coming out of the screen. Another benefit is that a dark theme will save battery power if you’re on a laptop.