Introducing the Buddyboss Group Email Digest Installation

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This Buddyboss Group Email Digest is a lightweight plugin that produces an image-free email digest for your Buddyboss community.

For Users:

  • Group members choose from a weekly or daily digest, or to receive group email notifications as posts are made.
  • Users can choose a different setting for each group, meaning they can get anything from one email a week with all group content, or they can receive multiple emails per week at the frequency they desire.
  • Users can conveniently browse all new group activity on their phones and then click right into to where they want to interact.

For Admins:

  • After installation, set all members of a group to a default email digest frequency, (i.e., Weekly digest). Users can then modify as desired.
  • Set a scheduled time of day for digests to be sent and pick a day of the week for weekly digests.
  • Preview the email digests before they go out. Delete offending or unwanted content before the digests go out and it will not be included.
  • The emailing of duplicate content is solved as group content is culled at the time of mailing. So with edited posts, only the final version of the post is sent out.
  • Group admins can send out emails to the entire group membership. This is critical for meetup groups and the like.
  • Group admins can setup welcome emails for groups. (Great for sharing group rules with new members.)


  • The Group Email Digest Plugin for Buddyboss integrates with Buddyboss email settings so that your emails have the same branding (look) as other emails coming out of your Buddyboss setup.

An Important Note About Images

  • The group digest does NOT handle or include images or user avatars. At first, this may seem like a downside; however, the plugin is designed to function in as many server environments as possible. Including images and avatars requires additional server resources when building digests, and so can cause bugs with some server setups and depending on community size, site activity, etc…We are looking into adding in user avatars and group post image thumbnails in a future release. However extensive testing will be required to achieve this. If we find there is a large enough market for this product we will continue refining the overall design to include avatars and group post images.
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Your weekly summary of group topics:


  • Humor (2)
  • Nature Lovers (5)
  • Designers (2)
  • Dog Lovers (7)




Nature Lovers




Engagement Fuels Your Business

If you’re running a Buddyboss community, you know keeping people engaged is a balancing act. You don’t want to flood your members with content, causing them to tune out or worse yet, mark your site emails as spam, yet you don’t want them to forget about your site either.

Back in early 2023, Buddyboss released group notification emails. At first this seemed like a great thing. However, people running Buddyboss communities quickly learned that the feature was dangerously half-baked:

  • It caused groups activity to send out way too many emails.
  • If a site member created a group post and then edited it, both the original and the edited version would be emailed out, negatively impacting your site’s brand.
  • There was no way to scan for spam before emails went out, creating a dangerous situation.
  • There was no way to schedule when emails would be sent.
  • There was no way to group emails together to reduce the total site emails sent out to users.

That release was a recipe for disaster and negatively impacted the email reputation score of many sites. It also harmed membership engagement in some cases. So, many people just turned off group notification emails or stopped using groups altogether. Fast forward a year and nothing has really changed.

Buddyboss Group Email Digest
Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio

The Solution Is Here!


The Buddyboss Group Email Digest Plugin Installation:

  • Requires a Child Theme to be active (i.e., Buddyboss Child Theme)
  • Requires Buddyboss, and the Buddyboss Groups Component be active
  • Requires the default WP Cron system to be active, OR if that is disabled (i.e, for users of Fluent CRM), a server side equivalent to be running

Supported Hosting Environments

As we implement this group email digest solution, this list will grow. We already know there is a high chance of success when using the following hosting environments:

  • SiteGround

Available Packages

Schedule Consult

This installation is well tested and likely to work with most Buddyboss installations. However, if your hosting environment is not listed above, and you’d like to discuss what’s involved in getting this up and running for your Buddyboss community, you can schedule a 30 minute consult to discuss what’s involved and find out if this is a fit for your community. We’ll use the other 30 minutes to take a closer look at your hosting environment. If you decide to proceed, the consultation fee can be deducted from the cost of an installation package.

Staging Copy Ready

If you have a staging copy ready for testing, select this package. We’ll do the installation on your staging site, run a few tests, and then let you decide when you’re ready to take it live.

Handle Everything

Not sure what to do but want this feature for your Buddyboss powered community? Choose this package and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Select Installation Package

Due to the complex nature of this plugin and its integration with Buddyboss, your server environment, email, and WordPress, we are offering it as an installation service. We will need temporary administrative access to your WordPress installation to install and configure the software.

See the “Available Packages” section for more information.

Note: we can only do a small number of installations per month (4-6), so if this feature is important to your community, be sure to get in touch so you can get on the waitlist.

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    Consult: $99
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