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Total Increase In Monthly Sales Average over 12 Months
Custom WordPress Website Design

“Also, wanted to let you know we are getting rave reviews on our website. We actually had one of our competitors reach out to us this week to let us know how nice our site is. We have actually had to turn the ads off because of the business coming in. Even though the ads are off, we are still trending upward with sales. We are in the process of bringing on a contractor in the next week. Thanks so much for all of your help!!” ~ S. Kilkenny

Before Example of WordPress Website Redesign

Project Start

The client came to me having spent $850 to have a WordPress site built for their new business. The site had been up for about 5 months and they were looking to increase sales. They agreed to a site audit and asked me to manage their Google Adwords & Bing Adcenter campaigns as well.

Basic Website Improvements to Increase Sales

Phase I

With some modifications to the WordPress website design and content as well as the PPC campaigns, I received the following message from the client within one week:

“We have already noticed an uptick in orders over the last week. We are getting more customer orders that have not reached out to us to request more information!! We are very pleased.”

Increase In Monthly Sales Average:


Phase 2

After a full site overhaul that included a new, mobile device responsive template, the response has been positive with the highest sales numbers yet for this business.

“I’m happy to report that so far we’re on track to triple our average sales…all thanks to you. Thank you so very much. We’re actually going to start interviewing contractors to help ease the work load.”

Increase In Monthly Sales Average:


435% Over 12 Months

The combined gains of project phases one and two were 270% after 7 months. At the end of twelve months, the monthly sales average had increased by a whopping 435%, providing a complete transformation for this business in one year!

What I Learned

I had a theory that businesses hide their offerings too deeply in their site. So for this project, I made a point of placing this business’s service offering front and center on the home page. This involved condensing >100 service levels into an easy to digest price table that would facilitate sales rather than overwhelm potential customers. The results were astounding and this client told me that competitors actually reached out to them to compliment them on their site.

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