Disrupting Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

Negative attitudes are one the most difficult things to deal with in the workplace – whether involving customers or employees. Here’s a simple solution that has the power to improve perception of your business.

Introducing the Contemplative Mirror

The Contemplative Mirror is a simple, surprisingly effective way to raise the energy level in your business – both with customers and employees.

How It Works

By displaying positive messages for customer and/or employees, you have the opportunity to shift their experience of your business. It’s so simple.

The human mind is somewhat like a computer in that runs whatever programs are put into it. There are programs from childhood, school, church or temple, and a myriad of others operating in people all the time. Some of these programs are negative, unpleasant, and unhelpful. As people move through the day experiencing things like stress, unwelcome news, low blood sugar, or a slew of other difficulties that we all face in any given day, things can become harder than they need to be.

In moments like these, wisdom comes in handy, reminding us to keep our cool, to treat others with kindness and respect. The Contemplative Mirror can provide a helping hand when someone is having a hard day.

For Customers

Sometimes we all need a reminder of the sweetness in life, particularly when we’re having a hard day. By placing a Contemplative Mirror wherever you interact with customers, you create a field of truth and positivity which tends to cancel out the funk that a customer may be experiencing. The result is less stress for employees and customers will fell appreciative, subconsciously at least, of the pick me up they received while visiting your business.

For Employees

Placing a Contemplative Mirror in your employee work area allows you to provide uplifting experiences for your employees while supporting their personal growth. You can choose to display pre-set inspirational quotes. Or you can create a library of your own that authentically communicate your values as a business owner.

You can even encourage employee participation by asking/allowing them to submit their own favorite quotes to share with coworkers.

The Results

The Contemplative Mirror gives you an easy, affordable way to subtly influence both customers and employees for the better. Improve the vibe in your workplace and make everyone’s’ day easier!

  • Reduce employee conflicts
  • Keeps spirits high within your team
  • Lower customer complaints
  • Effortlessly improve customer perception and experience of your business
  • Increase repeat business and word of mouth referrals