How to Effectively Increase Sales via White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO, The Expanded Perspective:
Introduction & Overview Module

White Hat SEO

This small business experienced a $60K increase in sales in the first year using the principles in this module.

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  • Written for small and medium size business owners and managers. Get clear about exactly how successful SEO works.
  • Save time and money by being able to discern SEO “experts” from average to low end service providers.
  • Get a significant boost out of your SEO budget by learning how to make sure your SEO is being done correctly.
  • Understand the deep correlation between White Hat SEO and your sales funnels.
  • Learn important points about how market research, branding, user interface design, and website optimization all come together to create exceptional success.
  • Find out why search engines like this kind of “White Hat” SEO.
  • Integration questions provided to help you analyze your own website.

Introduction & Overview

From the white paper:

Successful, white hat SEO depends on a thorough knowledge of sales funnel design. Most SEO service providers have a limited view of how their efforts fit into the larger picture of your sales funnels.

And, because they have limited responsibility in the work they do for you, it’s easy for a some, or a lot, of the important details to fall through the cracks and cripple your success without you ever knowing it. This introductory module is designed to expand and clarify your perspective on what Search Engine Optimization is and how it relates to sales funnel design and execution. From there you can more effectively manage your business’s SEO as well as begin to correctly identify where your own sales funnels need improvement. You’ll also be able to more successfully manage the work that SEO service providers are doing for you.

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About the Author

John Nicoll - White Hat SEO ExpertPossessing an unusually high IQ and EQ, John Nicoll has been creating game changing, online business solutions for over a decade now. In today’s market, successful, white hat SEO is more important than ever for businesses to gain a stable, competitive edge. John offers critical point analysis to help businesses address where the greatest improvements can be created with the least amount of resources.

Realizing the need for small and medium size business owners to effectively get a better handle on how to properly execute White Hat SEO techniques, he is currently creating affordable, in depth instructional modules that illuminate the correlation between successful, white hat SEO techniques and a thorough understanding of sales funnel design and execution.